Our Team

Our professional staff represent a wide variety of skill sets, enabling us to meet clients’ unique individual and organizational needs. Combining the highest academic credentials with hands-on leadership experience,  we provide a blend of theory and real world experience. All Athyn Group Associates have graduate degrees and coaching certificates from the Organizational Dynamics Department of the University of Pennsylvania.  Short biographies of our principles are listed below:


William Wilkinsky, PhD. is a recognized authority on Coaching, organizational change, and motivational reward and recognition systems, and is a frequent speaker on these subjects. Bill is a founding partner and present President of the Athyn Group, the first company in the United States to offer coaching for their clients in organizational settings. Since his first coaching engagement in 1971, Bill has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of managers and leaders as they worked to improve productivity and effectiveness, enhance individual development and accelerate their journeys from “good to great”.  Bill held the position of Professor in the Organizational Dynamics Department of the University of Pennsylvania from 2003-10. At Penn, Bill was the Director of The Organizational Coaching Track and Coaching programs. Previously, he held positions in the Department of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University, the Management and Behavioral Science Center at the Wharton School and the Psycheducational Processes department at Temple University.

Leslie R. Butler, MBA has over 30 years of successful management and executive-level leadership experience gained in a wide range of line and staff positions.  Mr. Butler specializes in designing and leading culture change, team development, compensation systems, executive coaching and leadership, as well as a variety of communications and marketing activities. Les, in his role as Vice-Chairman of First Pennsylvania bank, led the EXTRA-STEP initiative, a culture change program that altered the future of the bank. This program gained national recognition for it’s emphasis on reward, recognition and valuing and for it’s commitment to the bank’s human capitol. Les was adjunct Faculty at Rutgers University.

Deb Denis, MS, CPC, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant who has worked with hundreds of clients at varying levels within many industries.  Driven by a passion for clients’ success, Deb has an exceptional track record in helping clients from around the world realize transformational behavioral change with significant achievements in areas such as risk, interpersonal communication, decision making, strategy, presentation, planning and work-life balance. Deb is an experienced Diversity Practitioner, specializing in assisting client organizations to advance their diversity objectives and on positioning diverse individuals to achieve.  Deb is a Speaker and Educator, providing layered and mixed-format programs on topics such as Coaching, Leadership, Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace, and the Psychology of Diversity.    Deb has a B.A. in Communications cum laude from Villanova University where she is now Adjunct Faculty, teaching Communications Consulting in Organizations, and an M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania where she has served as Instructor and Guest Lecturer for both graduate and undergraduate classes in coaching and teambuilding.

Linda Pennington, MSOD, PHD (ABD) has been an executive in large, complex legal organizations. First hand experience in the dynamics of organizational; change, employee relations, managing in all directions, gives Linda a real-world perspective critical to our team’s mission. Coupled with this wealth of this hands-on experience is her coaching and academic background. Linda, a highly skilled coach has her Masters in Organizational Dynamics (MSOD), and is simultaneously completing her Master of Philosophy and PHD all with a coaching concentration. She brings the rare combination of empathy and directness to her work…much to the benefit of her clients. Linda served on the faculty of the Organizational Coaching Department for three years. In that role there she was instrumental in courses that trained others to become coaches.

Sarina Pasricha, MBA, MSOD (all but Capstone) is a skilled and caring coach. Deeply committed to helping her clients, Sara helps them focus on their goals, their, strengths and their authenticity. Sara brings a unique perspective to the Athyn team. Having grown up in the Philippines and in India, Sara brings a global perspective to our team and to our clients. Her life’s experiences have bestowed in her a deep and abiding understanding of the human condition. She has a capacity for compassion and support that is indefatigable. In coaching, clients often face daunting challenges and roadblocks. Helping these clients confront the challenges and overcome roadblocks is her life’s work.

Jack Ratcliffe joined the Athyn Team after years of service to the United States, first in the military and then as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board (150+ agencies in a tri-state area) from 1989-2010.  He conceived, developed, and produced workshops, seminars, or conferences to address common agency concerns, e.g., diversity, organizational coaching, leadership development, succession planning, strategic planning/thinking, change management, team development, performance management, and thinking and creativity training.  He is a certified trainer in Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Perceptual Thinking, as well as certified to administer, teach, and debrief clients using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).  He is also certified to use LIFO ® .  He uses both HBDI and LIFO with coaching clients. Jack’s combines a huge first-hand understanding of the nature of change in complex organizations, with his love of creating powerful adult-learning environments.


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